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Jellyfish and shrimp-like animal found under antarctic ice

March 16th, 2010

Scientific researchers have discovered a kind of jellyfish and a shrimp-like animal 600 feet under an ice shelf in Antarctica, where no sunlight reaches. The discovery sheds light on just what types of lifeforms can survive where, for researchers.

However, in my estimation, just because life can survive 600 feet under an ice shelf on earth or deep underground on earth, doesn’t mean it would exist in equivalent spots on other planets and moons elsewhere in the universe. I think it would take somewhat robust success of life on a given planet or moon in more productive ecosystems to produce lifeforms that could thrive in such energy and heat starved environments. However, if a planet was more hostile, but had much, much more time for life to evolve or was even more overall stable than our planet has been, then complex life might arise in those challenging environments.

Shrimp found 600 feet below Antarctic ice

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