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Are featherless chickens really GMO/genetically-engineered?

February 5th, 2012
Are these GMO chickens? Genetically-engineered without feathers... naked, or are they actually just conventionally bred?
Genetic modification or just conventional breeding?

Pictures of these creepy new chickens are going around the web, claiming these are genetically modified organisms (GMO), however, it is reported that these chickens were created through conventional breeding by an Israeli scientist. They were bred using a bare-neck breed of chicken (likely what’s called the “turken“) that’s been around for decades, that was also conventionally bred. In other words, barring any newer mutations, these naked chickens theoretically could have been bred 3000 years ago with an intensive breeding program with no modern technologies.

Sure they look creepy, but so do naked mole rats and manatees, yet they are totally natural, and in the wild, not bred by humans at all.

The scientist does have some good points – this could be a good hot weather chicken and could do a little bit to impact the environment less.

Story on New Scientist: Featherless chicken creates a flap


7 Responses to “Are featherless chickens really GMO/genetically-engineered?”

  1. AJ says:

    There really is no difference between genetically modified food, beef & poultry done in the lab vs through an intensive breeding program…One is simply much faster than the other. In both cases the food, beef & poultry are being \genetically modified\. The big difference in terms of how the public views the two is the emotion behind GM food, beef & poultry in a lab…It is just creepy to some but that does not make it harmful.

  2. Jean says:

    Actually, GMO and breeding is completely different. With genetic modification, you can get animals mixing genes that would never mix through breeding.

  3. connie says:

    People have GOT to stop labeling these chickens as GMOs, they are NOT. They were selectively bred fro existing breeds.

    Just because there is something in the food industry that you don’t like, it does NOT make it a GMO and continues the pathetic ignorance already out there.

    AJ go do your homework. You couldn’t be more wrong. GOs are created by crossing kingdoms. Go back to your elementary biology and look up with a Kingdome is.

  4. Julie Livingston says:

    It is really irrelevant what you want to call these sentient living beings. Fact is they all face abuse, torture and murder for the selfish and ugly act of humans eating meat. Go vegan, there wont be any contraversy, there will be no argument. Humans are not the superior beings they think they are. All sentient beings are all equal in the ability to feel pain, anxiety, and betrayal. We ALL have the ability to care, to love and want to be loved, we ALL nurture our young, cry and grieve, we ALL want to live. How is it possible that humans think otherwise? Consider veganism, you will never feel more liberated in your life. Love, kindness, and peace.

  5. lucas field says:

    those thing are creeeeeeeeeepppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyy.

  6. Detox says:

    If I could run into more posts like here, that would be awesome.

  7. Heather Bausch says:

    My father grew 10,000 acres of gmo corn and soybeans. I gave had feeding tubes my whole life, bloody diarrhea, pancreatic insufficiently, ulcerative colitis and I am allergic to my own peptides. I am proof gmo food genetically modifies us!

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